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President : WZ2Y Vice President : W2SFC
Secretary: KD2NYX Treasurer: WA2YMR
Callsign Trustee(s):  N2GYI , W2FID  

Board of Directors: WZ2Y, W2FID, N2NEI, W2QAQ, K4RUM


Name Call Sign
Akkala, Steven W2AKK
Bates, Dave (SK) W2HLI
Bennet, Harvey KB2YEK
Casko, Stephen W2SFC
Cotton, Mike K4RUM
Dominy, Harold (SK) W2LVP
Ellis, Harry W2QAQ
Franzone, Larry (SK) KB2YNB
Harris, David (SK) W1MH
Helfand, Marshall W2FID
James, Jessica KD2AGF
Kalfaian, Clifford N2GYI
Kalfaian, Jessica KD2NYX
Kittine, Robert WA2YDV
Lindgren, Paul (SK) K2PL
Lockard, Kenneth K2KKC
Metz, Tom K2GSJ
Moeller, Jim (SK) W0GXN
Pelaez, Geovanny AB2GO
Raynor, Lynda N2VBW
Raynor, Nat N2NEI
Salazar, Javier KC2MXH
Schnell, Eddie WZ2Y
Schoenbrun, Wayne WB2S
Shannon, Charles K2ATF
Stein, Robert WA2HZS
Tauber, Jerome WA2YMR
Watson, John K2BKR
Werbel, Melvin (SK) W2EXE

2019 Membership Dues:

The dues for 2019 have increased to $40 per voting member and $15 per non-voting family member. Dues can be paid by cash or check at Club meetings or events, by PayPal below, or by mail to PO Box 1908, Montauk NY 11954. Members paying after June 1st will be subject to a $10 late fee.

To securely pay your dues online, please select one of the options below. You can use one of the Subscribe options to have your dues paid automatically every year.

NOTE: This payment button includes a $10 late fee as it is after June 1st. If you are a new member, use the Donate button to the left and enter $40 as the donation amount.

Voting Members
BARC Family Dues